Thursday, September 13, 2007

The PIF socks

Not a lot of knitting has been happening, but I've been working on MamaFitz's socks.

I really like the pattern and the heel flap idea as a toe-up. I also increased (by TWO sizes) the needle size for these socks. Still, I'm a bit afraid that they may be too small! I personally prefer somewhat more snug socks than baggy ones (especially since they loosen a bit as you wear them), but I hope that these will fit on her feet.

I guess there's no telling at this point. Maybe when I see her tomorrow, I'll make her try them on--since I'm over halfway done, I probably should have thought about this earlier ;)

Anyway, some pics:

1 comment:

suzee said...

I LOVE them! Love the cables, color, the whole package. Lucky Mamafitz!