Monday, September 10, 2007

Reports on the first week of school

Yikes! I guess it's been a busy week.

C. reports that she absolutely LOVES seventh grade. Not only is she in the same house as one of her best friends (and they haven't been together since second grade), but she's also in the same house as a "really cute boy"! Not only that, said cute boy asked her to be a partner in Science class! Oh, and he sat next to her TWICE at lunch. She hasn't had a lot of homework yet. Oh, and her Lit/Lang teacher was in a car accident Monday night, so she hasn't met him yet.

T. is also off to a great start! He's got the same (wonderful) teacher that C. had in fourth grade, and he goes to fifth grade for math (with the same wonderful teacher that C. had for fifth grade!).

Both T. and C. started soccer this weekend. Here they are in their new uniforms:
Both will have tough seasons. The majority of T's team moved up to Select/Traveling teams, so his new team is a compilation of several other teams (all of whom lost players to Select). C's playing on a bigger field, and with more players, so her team combined with the other local team, plus it's rounded out with some kids from neighboring suburbs. In addition, there are two younger sisters who are "playing up" to the U-13 level. Toughest of all, there are so few teams at this level that they are in a U-13/U-14 league. Most of their games will be against U-14 teams (not to mention teams who have been playing together for a year or more already).

M's not old enough to do soccer yet (NEXT year!), but she's off to a good start in K-4. Her school does a very gradual easing-in for the K-4 kids. Only half the class attends each day, and it builds from 1 hour with parents, to 1 hour w/o parents, to the full time (2 1/2 hours) w/o parents (but still half the class) and finally on this Wednesday the whole class will be attending for the whole time. Her first day went great. She was very excited for her second day, but came out afterwards in tears. On her third day (today) she came out very happy and told me that she had "so much fun".

I'm looking forward to a very uneventful (ha ha) year. I'm T's room parent, and will be working in the library for both of their classes, so that will be fun.


Cindy said...

Cute uniforms! Soccer started for us this weekend too.

mamafitz said...

calvin's first week has gone well too. he was a bit overwhelmed with the whole school thing at first, but now is fine.

soccer started here too, as well scouts and gymnastics.

suzee said...

I love that kindie plan. Very humane!

The soccer uniforms look great, as do the kids inside them. :-)

We're starting up both sports (soccer, frisbee) this week, too...sigh. It was a nice summer.

Abby said...

It all sounds great!