Monday, February 13, 2006

Trying to get my life back in order

We finally had a not-so-chaotic weekend and it gave me a chance to look around and see what a dump my house has become. :( So I've re-subbed to FlyLady . This is the third time I've thrown myself into FlyLady. I never really got completely out of it this last time, but I'd stopped shining my sink every night and I wasn't doing the weekly chores. I vow to get back into the swing of things, and to prove it, I scrubbed under my toilet and tossed out my old laundry supplies today! I also dusted and now I just need to sweep, vacuum and mop and I'll feel lots better!

I also felt a need to get the kids cleaned up this weekend. You saw M's before and after pics of her haircut. We waited two hours to get C's done yesterday (just a trim so it doesn't look much different, but it had been 8 months since her last haircut, so those ends were shaggy!), and then I attacked T's head. :) He did not want much cut off, but it was soooo messy that we compromised with a short-in-back and longer-in-front 'do. It's the trickiest haircut I've ever done myself. I'll try to post pics of both older kids when they get home from school.

And the cardigan is done! Here's a picture of it blocking:

And since that project is done and everything I've read says to have at least two knitting projects going at once, here's a picture of my humble beginnings of Booga Bag, along with the colors that I will use as stripes. I finally collected enough Paton's Classic Wool from my Michael's 40% off coupons.

And to finish with a bargain post, I just found out the Target post-Valentine's Day markdown schedule:

50% feb 15
75% feb 18
90% feb 21

Guess I know where I'll be next Tuesday!

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sewingsuzee said...

The cardy is mahvelous! No wonder you got a poem.

The FlyLady rocks. Just keep on the sink, keep on the House Blessing, and it's OK if you don't do the rest all the time. It'll fall into place. My kids actually cleaned their rooms yesterday without being ordered to, 2.5y after I started the FlyLady routines. So progress is slow, but steady. :-)