Friday, February 10, 2006

Lotsa little stuff

First things first... M's hair was getting a bit out of control, so she got a haircut! Here's before and after pics:

In other good news, I am just inches away (ok, HOURS away) from finishing the cardigan! I have even woven in about half of the ends (man, that takes a lot of time... has to be my least favorite part of knitting). See?

And here's how far I am on the trial socks (if you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can see those little holes at the toe that I was talking about earlier):

I have also come to two "final" decisions on my socks. First of all, I got an invitation to Ruhama's Winter Sale (even though my membership has lapsed...) so I'll go there on Thursday and see if they have any fitting sock yarn on sale. If not, I was told about knitpicks from a few people and I found that they have sock-weight yarn that you can dye yourself!!! So that's my backup since my sock pal specificially requested wool socks. Very exciting!

And (OMG!) my mom just called and said she's flying down this weekend to see M's ballet "recital"... I have to get cleaning!


Stefaneener said...

I bow to you. I so clearly need to learn to do this, to avoid losing things like. . .socks.

M's hair looks sooooo cute. And the sweater is fine! I want an action shot.

Dar said...

Congratulations on being so close to finishing The Cardigan!

I've been hearing a lot about knitpicks, too. Since I'm down to only two large storage containers of yarn, maybe I can indulge a bit!

A said...

ok, trying out dar's acronym... or am I supposed to do that in YOUR blog? I can just do both I guess.

RYC: The striping was a royal pita. I'm sure there's a better way. In fact, I just noticed a dyeing book at the library that probably gave instructions - of course, I forget the title. Basically, I wound the yarn into a big piles of tiny little connected balls, and dyed them in succession, appropriate colors. Good result but much tangling and frustration.