Thursday, February 02, 2006

Can I really call myself a "knitter"?

How many imperfect/failed projects does it take for a person to realize that maybe knitting isn't their thing?

Instead of a trip to Target, I spent a full day knitting the earflaphat for C. She came home after school and gave her approval, helped me pick out yarn from my stash (including the accent color green that perfectly matches her jacket), and bugged me to keep working on it. I followed directions perfectly, even making a gauge swatch (I never do that, but for this pattern, the swatch was an ear flap, so...). Nevertheless, after I finished the green accent color, I became a bit concerned. Well, here's the pic of the hat, all beautifully blocked. Nice, no? I love the colors and the braid... So there's only one problem. Here's a pic of C. wearing the hat:

Yeah, it's a bit snug. QUITE a bit snug... :(

Alright, in a kinda-related vein, I got my matchup for Sockapaloooza! I'm thrilled to have a "foreign" sock buddy (can't be too specific) and I love the idea of the whole thing, but I'm now having panic attacks about actually making these socks. Even moreso, I'm wondering whether I should have really called myself "not a beginner"... I have three months to make something that looks good, so I'm not completely spazzed, but I am quite nervous. Anyone have a great pattern for ankle-length socks (her request) that doesn't involve a ton of fancy needlework, but will still make a very cool, fun sock? :)

Let me take a minute and brag a bit about my shopping trip. Short and simple, but I got $180 worth of groceries for $103. That included bottled water, diapers, and SIX boxes of cereal...

And last, but not least, a bit about my beautiful daughter (the older one; the younger one's beautiful, too). This weekend she played in the "Music for Munchkins" concert, which is the High School fundraiser for the orchestra. The fifth graders got to play one song with the High Schoolers. The theme was "Hootenanny Hoedown" and they were supposed to dress the part. Here's C. in her outfit (and with M's horse):


Dar said...

Oh, that is the cutest hat! This is why I like making felted bags - they don't have to fit.

And Cowgirl C is darling!

A said...

that had is very cool! Can you block/stretch it over something larger? Maybe M. can wear it soon.