Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I {heart} Target

There's just nothing like the slightly-exhausted and slightly-exhilarated feeling that comes from a good shopping trip to Target! :)

I got there about 15 minutes later than I'd hoped, but when I walked in, they still had the 75% off signs up. There was one guy there, tossing a lot of things into his cart and I asked if it was scanning at 90%. He said it was and that his wife had sent him! lol

Despite not really "needing" anything, here's what I got:

All these were 90% off, so I'll just list the clearance price:
Red and purple shelf 4.99 (actually this was orig. $59.99)
2 women's size small t-shirts 0.50
6 sets of snack-sized plates (striped) 0.19 ea.
6 sets of dinner-sized plates (striped) 0.19 ea.
4 packs of luncheon napkins (striped) 0.19 ea.
7 packs of beverage napkins (striped) 0.19 ea.
Madagascar valentines 0.19
Cookie Monster valentines 0.19
Elmo valentines 0.19
Choxie truffles 1.20
Choxie assortment 0.50
3 packs of Tissue Paper 0.19 ea.
5 gift bags 0.14 to 0.49 ea.
3 size 6X scooters (red, pink, black) 0.60 ea.
4 men's boxers and 1 boxer brief 0.59 ea.
Purple plush bear (M. actually bought) 0.49
6 pair women's/children's socks 0.29-0.39 ea.
2 rolls of wrapping paper 0.34 ea.

But that's not all! They also had some great finds at 75% off:

Cute green purse 3.74
Striped tights 4-6X 1.24
Size 3 1/2 boys' tennies $4.98
3-seater inflatable snow tube 7.48

Very fun!

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Rain said...

I love Target too. Impressive.