Monday, May 08, 2006

T's golden birthday

Today is T's "golden birthday"--that is, he turns 8 on May 8th. As usual, I am remembering his birth day on this, his birthday. :)

Of my three, T's birth was far-and-away the best experience. My water broke first, so I *knew* it was the real thing (unlike with C's birth). Though labor did not start immediately, I used some natural means of labor induction, and they worked (unlike with M's birth). Having my supportive husband there was invaluable and wonderful. I did not birth on my back. I did not push for hours. I *watched* as he was born and I immediately was able to hold him and put him to my breast. His big sister C. was there at his birth and she did a wonderful job of guiding me and cheering me when the pushing got tough. It was a birth the way that all births should be!

And T. was an amazing baby... He nursed 45 minutes out of every hour around the clock. He was born at 8 lb., 4 oz.; at one week he was up to 9 lbs. even. At two months, he'd almost doubled his birth weight at 16 lb., 2 oz. At 4 months, we left the doctor's office and drove to Toys R Us because he'd outgrown his infant carseat at 21 lb., 6 oz. At 15 months, he weighed what his 3 YO sister currently weighs: 29 lb., 3 oz.

It has been a blast to watch this pudgy baby (who nonetheless walked at 10 months) turn into a long, lean boy. He refused solids until he was 15 months and for years his diet consisted of a handful of items: bread, cheese, chicken nuggets, pancakes and french fries. Today many would still call him a picky eater (he doesn't like pizza or spaghetti), but he can get by at a friend's house w/o my having to pack him a separate meal. He ate ONION RINGS last week! And he'll eat tacos and hamburgers and ham or salami on a sandwich!

He loves video games and pokemon and tamagotchis. He is finally reading SOME fiction for fun and he adores math. He asked for an electric guitar for his birthday and he's growing his hair so that he looks like Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. He plays soccer and wants to learn tennis. His favorite color is green and he wants a pair of green Chuck Taylor All-stars (low tops) for his birthday, too.

Happy 8th Birthday, T. I love you...


amy said...

aw, happy birthday! sniff!! That does not even look like the same KID- lol :_)

sewingsuzee said...

Don't tell him I said so, but what a BEEYOOtiful boy. Happy B-day to him, and to you, Mom!