Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's not quite California

Unlike my dear Californian friends, Stefaneener and Suzee, my planting is limited by the late last frosts. However, it has been above freezing for awhile and I have been itching to get SOMETHING done garden-wise. We live on a tiny little corner lot in a wonderful suburb. Our tiny lot has essentially no back yard and our limited side yard is taken up by an enormous playstructure. So I have to be creative with my planting. First, my "planter" (ie: old laundry room sink) which now contains seeds for parsley, cilantro, basil and chives:

The Ecology Club at the University where G. teaches had a plant sale this week, and he kindly picked me up some plants. We have:
Hot Peppers (that's how they were labelled!):


Cherry Tomato:

Here's the whole "system":

And finally, my tulips are blooming!


sewingsuzee said...

Wow! Very cool, very cheapskate, very fun.

Keep us updated with pics. I want to see it all grow.

amy said...

Pretty flowers, adorable child!

Abby said...

Your garden looks good! I think all we're going to manage is one tomato plant this year. And the tulips are gorgeous - tulips are my favorite flower.

Stefaneener said...

The tulips are wonderful. They don't do so well here. I like the compactness of your garden -- easy to care for.

Now, why did I think you had a huge yard?

New Mama said...

The laundry room sink is a great idea! With a baby under one I won't get much gardening done this year, but I hope to grow some indoor herbs in the kitchen and an upside down tomato plant hanging outside our back door.