Friday, May 05, 2006


I can't believe it! I'd forgotten all about Sockapaloooza because I was so busy getting ready for Cinco de Mayo. So when I opened the front door to check the mailbox and this bright green package fell out, I was doubly excited!

YAY!!! They are awesome! All the way from Anne S. in Houston, Texas, I got:

That's a beautiful pair of socks, plus a postcard from Houston, a keychain from Houston (the kids will fight over that one ;)), and a skein of Socks That Rock--Cobblestone County colorway! OMG, I had read about this yarn, but had no idea till I touched it... oooh...

But on to the socks...

And I don't believe that Anne has a blog, so I'll have to email her to hound her for details on the socks. They were made w/ Trekking XXL, according to her tag. They have a nice, even ribbing all the way up. But the heel is the funkiest I've ever seen! And it fits wonderfully! And the toe... It's a gradual (not just on the sides) decrease over like two inches and I think it ends w/o grafting... I need to find this pattern! Check out the cool heel and toes:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Anne! This was so much fun! It was even cooler to not have seen these socks anywhere before receiving them. :)

And thank you, Alison, for organizing this. And thanks, Ashley, for being a great sock sister!


Stefaneener said...

What pretty socks! Lucky you. Do let us know about the heels and toes.

sewingsuzee said...

Very, very nice. Yes, I'd love to see the pattern, too!

bfmomma said...

Here's what Anne emailed to me:

The toe is the round toe from folk socks:
It is done on a multiple of 8
Decrease round 1: K6, K2tog all the way around.
Knit 6 rounds even
Dec. round 2: K5, K2tog
Knit 5 rounds even
Dec. round 3: K4, K2tog
Knit 4 rounds even
Dec. round 4: K3, K2tog
Knit 3 rounds even
Dec. round 5: K2, K2 tog
Knit 2 rounds even
Kec. round 6: K1, K2 tog
Knit 1 round
last dec round: K2tog all the way around.
This will leave 8 stitches which you can pull up tight
with the tail.

And the heel is my favorite.
It's the eye of partridge heel. Row one is slip one,
knit one, and then purl back. The next right side row
is KNIT one, SLIP one.

so instead of the slipped stitches lining up like
ribbing, they alternate and make a kind of

Rawmilkstar said...

Beautiful socks!!

amy said...

Lovely socks!