Thursday, July 05, 2007

"But I NEVER win anything!"

There's this cool new little store at the mall, called Moroccan Imports. We found a neat woodcarving for G's dad for Father's Day, and while we were there, we signed up for their mailing list/drawing to be held in the months of June, July and August. Well, I won the drawing for June! And I never win anything! The prize was a $45 lamp. Here it is, lit up:

A close-up of the jumping person:

The lamp has a metal base, and is made of goatskin, which, when wet, is stretched over the metal. It shrinks as it dries, and then they paint it with henna (mehndi). I like the idea, but I'm not really sold on the lamp itself... Wish I could have picked out anything I wanted from the store--their woodcarvings are SO cool!


Abby said...

I think the lamp is cool! Congrats!

Stefaneener said...

This is very cool. Maybe you could return/exchange it?

I never ever win anything either.