Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Our community always does trick-or-treating on the Sunday before Halloween. Here's pictures of them in the "outdoor" version of their costumes. C. is with her friend, M2.

At the neighbor's door:

And pictures of their loot afterwards:


sewingsuzee said...

They look GREAT! And it's so interesting to see other communities' traditions. Yours are very cool. I'm amazed your town could make a group decision like moving the date, and T or Ting in the daytime - that would never occur to anyone here.

'Cause, see, you have to put on a LIGHT show! We saw houses last night that must have spent $1000 on Halloween decor, if not more.

Cecilia said...

All of your costumes look great! And so does the candy. ;-)

It always surprised me to hear that communities are TorTing on a night besides HW night. We always do it on HW night here... although I vaguely remember one time when the mayor decided we would TorT on Saturday night so everyone could be in church where they belonged on Sunday night. Ahem. Yeah.

alison said...

Awesome costumes!! Looks like they had fun!

amy said...

Geez, how totally adorable they all are. Mira looks fantastic.

Abby said...

OMG - M's got to be the cutest witch I've ever seen. Did you make that costume? They all look great! I love C's hair!