Monday, February 25, 2008

Ten Things I Love That Begin With The Letter...

Ten Things I Love That Begin With the Letter M.

Mo gave it to me. Comment here and I'll give you a letter, too.

In alphabetical order:

I love to read, but don't often feel that I can give up as much time as it takes to read a book (unless it's for book club or something). I'm not someone who can pick up a book and read a chapter and then put it down, so it's a day-long endeavor for me! Magazines, on the other hand, are full of little self-standing stories and articles and even if I *do* read the whole thing, it's a lot shorter than a book anyway. :)


Long before Blues Clues made it famous, magenta was my favorite color (thanks, Crayola!). It's not really my favorite now, but I do still love it--and I like saying it! (ditto for vermilion, but that's not an M word...)

I love to shop and now that our local mall has become a "town center", I enjoy shopping there even more! I do still love regular malls, too. I remember being 14 years old and visiting my first mall ever. I thought I was in heaven!

Well, specifically my marriage. :) I didn't know how else to get G. into the list! But I really, truly do love being married and my marriage in general. Color me happy.

When G. and I were in college (where we met), we were both pre-Physical Therapy majors. (Neither of us got into the program--their loss!) Part of our pre-PT training included learning how to give massages. Needless to say, it totally rocks to have a husband who not only gives massages, but gives professional massages!

I was pregnant three times and (despite any complaints at the time) I loved all three of my pregnancies. I loved eating for two; I loved wearing maternity clothes; I loved feeling the baby moving inside of me. I loved being pregnant!

Although I'm a certified Science teacher, I've been tutoring HS Math and Science and I've found that I really, really love the math part! I wish I'd stuck with it and done Calculus, and I'd love to go back (although I fear that my brain wouldn't wrap around Calculus at this point...).

Meerkat is the nickname we have for M. After years of hemming and hawing over whether we wanted a third child or not, we're pretty darn happy that we had one. :)

My major in college was Secondary Broadfield Science and my minors were Biology and Chemistry. The last class I took for my Biology minor was Microbiology, because I didn't think it sounded very interesting. It turned out to be my favorite Biology class ever and if I had taken it any earlier, I'd probably have changed my major!

Specifically, my mom! She's been my inspiration for parenting and she still is the first one I call when I have something good (or bad) to share.

That was fun! I almost thought about making a list of 10 Things I Hate That Begin With the Letter M, but that can wait... Leave a comment and I'll give you a letter!


mamafitz said...

fun! i want a letter. :)

bfmomma said...

You get.... T!

(and hey, I re-started your socks last night a knitting club)

Pancake Goddess said...

wow, malls, huh?! Malls wig me out but I do love food courts.

dawn224 said...

Massage and Marriage are the best!

bfmomma said...

Not positive that you two are asking for letters, but I'm giving them anyway... use if you wish! ;)

Pancake, you get L and dawn, you get W!