Friday, February 08, 2008

A haircut--of necessity

T's hair was just starting to get long again:
But this week we shaved it to half an inch:

Why? Because I got a phonecall yesterday from the clinic at school, telling me that one of T's classmates was found to have head lice, so they checked the whole class and found nits on T. (and four other classmates).

Me and my big mouth--saying earlier this year that we'd been able to avoid lice because anytime one of "the notes" came home from school, I washed all my kids' hair with Tea Tree Oil shampoo. I didn't get a chance this time--I hadn't heard anything about lice until the phonecall to pick Trav up.

So it's been a crazy 24+ hours, spent shampooing, combing and checking heads and then stripping every bed in the house, washing all bedding and hats and coats in HOT water (turned up the water heater), then drying on high, and then sending to the attic for below-freezing temps (Yes, I know I go overboard on this kind of stuff, but I'd rather be safe than sorry...).

This week has really sucked...

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mamafitz said...

hey, we didn't get any note....i thought they sent notes to the whole school if something was found?

he still looks cute.