Wednesday, February 13, 2008

M's story

Our local PBS station (maybe it's all PBS stations?) does a yearly Writer's Contest for kids in grades K-3. This year the top prize in each grade wins a laptop computer. I told M. about the contest and she was very excited! I explained that the book has to have at least 50 words and at least 5 colorful pictures illustrating it. The instructions say that the text can be handwritten, or typed on a computer, so M. started typing hers out.

This is her story--all in her own words, typing and spelling by her:

A butterfly friend’s with a flower
Once there was a butterfly that had a friend, which
was a flower.
The flower said I love you to the butterfly. The
butterfly said
I love you to! The flower and butterfly were happy.
Loved each other. They lived together. They knew each
Other well. They loved each other so much. They liked
Living together. They love each other so much!

(me again)
As adorable as it is, I don't think it's contest-winning material (yet)!


Abby said...

Wow! That is incredible. She can spell all that??

dawn224 said...

well done! happy story!