Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm all caught up!

First the explanation...

The holidays are chaotic for EVERYone, so I barely got time to post in December.

After that, G. was home and I was subbing or volunteering, or socializing ;)

And then I got SICK!

I'm still not really WELL, but I am feeling better. I just spent the morning catching up on blog posts. I have a few December ones to add pictures or details to, but the ones I updated today (should you want to go back and read the pathetic details) are:

G's Birthday

Curried Winter Vegetable Soup

Lazy Vacation Days

My Baby is Five Years Old

M's Birthday Party

Schwa eats a worm

Knitting and Un-knitting

The subbing report

Happy Birthday To Me!

Wow! Not bad! No wonder I'm so tired...


Abby said...

Whew! A busy month. Glad to have you back. :)

Stefaneener said...

And I'm going to cheat and leave one big comment. sounds as though things are busy and fun. I love the picture of Schwa. Did I tell you Zipper came back? Even ate a mouse last week. The pre-frozen ones aren't bad.)

Sorry you're sick, glad about the refi, kids are beautiful, how nice to have all "big kids," and glad to see you back in the swing.