Friday, June 09, 2006

The knitting sensation that's sweeping the nation...

I fought it for awhile. I just couldn't see what all the fuss could be about a simple knitting book. But I got it, and it's fun and it's ADDICTING! Look--it's a warshcloth:

I love, love, loved this pattern! It's just mindless enough that I could see it being my "take along and knit when you're paying attention to something else" while being interesting enough that I won't immediately get bored with it. It was relatively easy to memorize/learn the pattern, too. I actually quit the pattern one repeat ahead of time because I thought it was getting too big... I like my "warshcloths" smaller, so next time I'd do one less "brick" across (so I guess 39 stitches instead of 45) and do only the pattern and four repeats, followed by the row of knit and row of purl.

And now I'm thinking about casting on to make the baby kimono. I have a nice red cotton here...

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amy said...

love it! Mine was finished last night, too. I wasn't sure I'd be able to remember the pattern but it became obvious after a couple times through - yay! It is the perfect take-along, I think. Except for two balls of yarn, but I think the ziplock solution should help that.

Have you ever seen that show Knitty Gritty, btw? You'd like it I think.

PS you're such a good sport to try guessing the ryanese - I'll see what I can come up with soon