Saturday, December 08, 2007

Working on "what I want to do when I grow up"

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with my life :) once M is in school fulltime and the cost of having three older kids catches up to us, but I took a few steps toward something recently.

I applied for, and received this:It's a substitute license that allows me to substitute in any grade K-12 in any school in Wisconsin for up to 20 consecutive days. I can also take a long-term (over 20 days) position in any of the fields I was previously certified in (Biology, Chemistry, Broadfield Science).

I also have an interview with the personnel director for our current school district on Thursday. If all goes well, I'll fill out all the forms and will get a password to be able to check and self-assign subbing positions. Since G. will have his between-semester break in January, and his semester ends a month before the kids get out in May/June, PLUS his Spring Break never coincides with the kids', I can get a few days in of subbing, I hope. (at least enough to pay for my license application). Maybe I'll love it, and I can do that as my "permanent" job next year or the year after. Maybe I'll hate it, and know that I need to figure something out next year (schooling-wise, so I can start the following year). And maybe I'll decide that being a teacher fulltime wasn't so bad after all! :) Either way, it's a start, right?

Unfortunately, I will make LESS subbing one full day that I would make tutoring for two hours. Is it really worth it? At least I'd be home in the evenings...

Lots to think about.


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Too bad about it not paying as well as tutoring. But maybe look at it as an investment in future earning -- you're doing the subbing to see if getting back into teaching is something you want to do.

notreallyhere said...

Cool - congratulations!

I found that subbing was a lot less intense than tutoring, and didn't require any prep work (although maybe with the kids you tutor it's more just helping them with homework - I would plan activities for my kids). But yeah, it doesn't pay as well here either... although I made $125 a day, I think, so it was more than 2 hours tutoring.

suzee said...

Yay you! Just keep your options open and keep exploring. Eventually you'll figure it out! In the meantime, hope you enjoy subbing. :-)

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